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Yay for Clock Day, amitrite? No? The submissions have all been crap? Well that sucks, but I'ma enjoy it anyways.
And I'm just going to shamelessly plug my own crap here: Please please please look at/review my art. That is all. I actually get really annoyed when I read other people doing that, so I apologize and totally understand if you rail on me for it.
The end.


2010-08-13 17:21:00 by ShadedFox

I have moar arts. You should probably be taking a look at them now. That'd be super spectacular.
You can critique them here, but I'd prefer reviews. That's about it.

How about

Has anyone been on deviantART lately? Yes? Then you've probably heard about that damned botter thing. T.T Why do people feel the need to take something totally awesome and exploit all the loopholes?! I mean, seriously?

It's rare that I even read manga, but when I do, I enjoy the HELL out of it. I just FINALLY read Death Note on OneManga, and it was the shit. That's beside the point. I went on OM today and saw that the goddamned manga publishers no longer approve of free scanlations. Now OM (and virtually all other legal free scanlation sites) are shutting down. This, of course, sucks monkey balls. So me and some people on deviantArt teamed up and started a petition to try and do something about it, much like those rabid Jericho fans. Will it make a difference? Maybe. If not, at least we tried.
So go sign it. NOW. You see that link in the left, the one that leads to my deviantArt? Click it. Sign the petition.

HEY YOU! I need some feedback!

2010-07-15 02:00:18 by ShadedFox

I made some new arts, and I'd really like some genuine feedback for them. if you could just comment your thoughts or write reviews, I'd really greatly appreciate them. I'm looking to improve, but not to get slaughtered. Please keep it constructive?

Stupid drunk assholes.

2010-07-14 17:53:54 by ShadedFox

I live next to a college campus. FUCK THAT. I got absolutely zero sleep last night because there were some drunk morons running around having a screaming contest. Who does that? I couldn't get to sleep until around 4 in the morning when they moved on. Oh, and the bastards tipped over our garbage cans. Guess who had to clean those up? Dumbasses.

Riddle me this

2010-07-13 20:55:12 by ShadedFox

Wow. 2 posts in one day. A first for me.

Anyway, what's with all the Sonic-based art I see floating around the internet? Everyone makes their own Sonic-style characters, but I seriously don't understand it. I'm not necessarily bashing you guys, but what's the big fascination? It's an oddly specific kind of thing to be into.

Ugh, damned weird internet trends. Fuck.

New Arts!

2010-07-13 18:50:15 by ShadedFox

I've been slaving over a hot pencil to bring you my crappy artwork! Yay! Seriously though, I like how these ones turned out, so go look at them. :D Why are you still reading this? Scoot!
Thanks for caring. >.<

And yet another Robot Day post

2010-07-10 22:08:17 by ShadedFox

Yay for Robot Day! And because of the massive influx of robot-themed news posts, no one will read this. It sucks that I didn't have time to come up with something to contribute, but I plan to be contributing to Madness Day. Yay. Who knows, I might even be scouted by then.

New icon!

2010-07-09 17:36:28 by ShadedFox

I did it in the style of our exalted staff members. On paint. Pixel by pixel. It took me about four hours of effort, but I am beyond pleased with how this has worked out. Beyond pleased. Any feedback?