Entry #13

Happy Clock Day. And other stuff, I guess

2010-08-15 21:02:36 by ShadedFox

Yay for Clock Day, amitrite? No? The submissions have all been crap? Well that sucks, but I'ma enjoy it anyways.
And I'm just going to shamelessly plug my own crap here: Please please please look at/review my art. That is all. I actually get really annoyed when I read other people doing that, so I apologize and totally understand if you rail on me for it.
The end.


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2010-08-15 21:09:18

Nah, there's always a few great flash submissions on Clock Day. They're easier to notice after it passes though. :P
And sorry, but I only liked the one with the knitting needles. The others were just decent. But they're way better than anything I could ever make. :)


2010-08-23 23:14:08

Huray for shamelessness!


2010-08-27 01:34:27

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 072042/1
They'll review your art for you if you post a link to one or two pieces.


2015-04-25 11:17:26