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This is incredibly good. I really like the pixely retro games, and this one provided a serious challenge at every turn. Great job.

Love this!

I love how many endings there are. It really adds to the game and makes it stand out.

On a side note, does the music that plays when you pick up and read the back of the Opacitator sound like something out of The Neverhood to anyone else? :O

PuffballsUnited responds:

It IS from the Neverhood! :P

It was okay

I had fun, and it kept me occupied for a while, but I didn't understand how, if you won the world record, you wouldn't win the national title and down as well. Also, once the snowballs hit one ton, do you seriously think they'd break on the sides of houses?


There aren't words for how awesome this is. Really, there aren't. 5/5 10/10

OMFG Awesome

This is like SSB for NG! I love this. A lot.
FancyPants Man FTW!

A few glitches

This game was really good. Nice sound, good graphics, all that jazz. However, There were a few things that could be cleaned up. The 2 kinds of dummies react differently from each other. Unless that was your intention, that probably shouldn't be happening. Next, a lot of times, the game had a hair trigger that would shoot off 2 dummies instead of one. It brought the level score up. Either way, this game was immensely fun to play and I hope you make more.

Fun, but...

A few improvements could be made such as a high score table, different levels, etc. Regardless, this game was ridiculously fun and worth the time spent playing it.


At first, I thought, "This is retarded. you just kill them?" By the time I got to the internet memes video, I was laughing HYSTERICALLY. Good game, sir. Good game.

Epic game!

This game is fantastic! One of the most innovative flash games I've played. I love the style and the possibilites for the deaths and whatnot.
I did have a problem though. I played through one time to get a feel for the game, and went to do so again to make a run for the Grimm medal. But, when I got outside, the beehive was already on the ground, eliminating the possibility for the bee death. If that could be fixed, I'd really appreciate it because this game is just too good for me not to get everything!

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